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Millions of Americans are frustrated with the incredible lack of information and expertise regarding the new Affordable Care Act implementation. In deed, they have every right to be. The government roll out of this program has been met with tremendous resistance, politics and disfavor. The very term "Affordable" is now in question as many people have seen a increase in their premiums, rather than a decrease. In addition, appointed "Navigators" who are not licensed agents and have no real experience in insurance- are tasked with enrolling the public and are providing low level information to an already struggling and confused marketplace. Couple all of this with a grossly ineffective enrollment exchange website, and you have a perfect storm.

Never in the history of the United States has then been such pent up demand for clarity. Americans need and deserve better! At Affordable Care Group, our team holds over 40 years worth of combined experience consulting, advising and enrolling individuals into health insurance plans. It is all we do! We know and understand the pain the self employed market is facing. We find immediate solutions to decreasing cost while increasing benefits. We also specialize in helping Large and Small Employer Groups. We have helped thousands of individuals find plans they want and can afford.

The new insurance laws have opened up the door for millions with pre-existing conditions to now get insurance. It is Open Enrollment now. New plans under the new laws take effect starting January 1st. If you are serious about getting a quality plan and the most affordable rate possible, we are here to help! We work with both public and private insurance carriers. We can enroll you immediately, without website hassles and delays. We can show your available subsidies. Our entire team is certified and licensed.

We encourage you to pick up the phone and give us a call or submit your information in the form below. Don't delay this important decision.